Plum Nelly Productions, aka Wendy Sue Hunt, is a small, highly creative design and illustration studio. I’ve got twenty years of experience as a graphic designer, art and creative director, digital and traditional media illustrator, production artist, website designer as well as video and sound production.

I’ve worked with individuals, small business and corporate clients on their marketing, institution, and event needs; collateral materials, web and social media design. I understand deadlines and supporting multiple projects simultaneously. I offer design and illustration for a range of applications: identity packages, posters, brochures, event materials, display graphics, illustration, websites and more. I enjoy working with each of my clients and feel that each project, large or small, deserves a high attention to detail.

Developing a project and helping it reach its full potential is incredibly satisfying — knowing that the client has exactly what they want and need to reach their market or audience.

I’m a strong believer of outside-the-box thinking, creative solutions, team building, collaboration, and creative risk-taking as well as simple and functional graphic solutions. I’m a good fit for any project that requires a high level of creativity, multidisciplinary problem-solving, autonomy, a passion for the work and attention to detail.

I look forward to meeting you and talking about your project!