PossAbilities Sports Luncheon


Digital watercolor illustrations for Loma Linda University Health PossAbilities Road to Rio Sports Luncheon featuring guest speaker Bethany Hamilton, professional surfer, author and motivational speaker.

“Bethany Hamilton spoke to a crowd of approximately 280 people at the PossAbilities Sports Luncheon on Oct. 14 at Loma Linda University Health.

Hamilton, 25, shared her personal story of triumph, challenge and “soul surfing” during the fundraising event, which brought in over $125,000 for PossAbilities. PossAbilities is a free community outreach program at Loma Linda University Health that offers disabled individuals who were born with or have suffered a permanent physical injury a sense of community and a healthy social network, as well as various resources and opportunities they might not otherwise have.” … read more

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  • Client: Loma Linda University PossAbilities
  • Project Started: August 01, 2015
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