Dare to live intentionally, creatively, and authentically.

We’re hired by entrepreneurs and creatives to transform their brand and marketing and to build custom, one-of-a-kind websites which grow their bottom line.

Our team:

Wendy Hunt is a brand strategist and website designer, illustrator, free-range thinker, mother/sister/daughter, musician and writer. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Illustration and has been an entrepreneur for over twenty years. She has two atlas projects to her credit: the Salton Sea Atlas and the Environmental Atlas of Abu Dhabi for which she designed, illustrated, art directed and project managed. Those atlases are source of her fascination with GIS and map products, which she imagines could describe the interior world of self just as well as it describes the outer world.

Molly Riter is a marketing and communications specialist with over 18 years experience. Among the amazing things she’s had a hand in, she has helped ensure the success of a busy Winter season for Destination Big Bear, managed the rebranding of medical plazas, initiated the first video chat for Loma Linda University Health in 2016 and then went on to manage and produce it, received numerous awards for her event management, conducted and managed awareness campaigns. She’s also a writer and editor of an award-winning newsletter, A Healthy Tomorrow. And, if that’s not enough, she has also written and produced a nationally placed talk radio show! She not only loves marketing, events, writing and all that magic, but is also a life coach for professional women — helping them find nourishing rituals to bloom and thrive. You can find her at MollyRiter.com.

Dawn Chilson is a collector of knowledge and is also a tech guru, project manager, workflow coordinator, K-pop and K-drama fan-girl, and post-apocalypse cosplayer. She loves to share the information she’s gathered and see her students learn and grow.

At Plum Nelly Productions, we honor the playful, creative spirit in every person and business. CREATIVITY fuels not just radical artworks but can and does exist in every part of our lives and work. It is a partner to science and technology and leads us to deeper lives well-lived.

We value:

Teamwork: We connect with each other and our clients and love to support people and businesses in becoming their better selves.

Creativity: We believe that self-expression and creativity are vital for a life well-lived. They are also invaluable to bring a fun and playful spirit to our business.

Craftsmanship: We believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well, with attention to detail.

Integrity: No faking it. We’re keeping it simple and staying true to ourselves.

Sustainability: We live on this earth, and we are part of this world. Where we can, we use sustainable practices, and we’re always looking for ways to do this better.

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